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Search - America has lost it's soul. will "we the People"?

Book Summary: Ryker Cuff finds himself thrust into the middle of an American tragedy where USA original fundamentals are perverted or gone, leaving influence on society much different from its founding. Technology has advanced but society reflects an unprincipled philosophy without the authority of God’s word. It is up to an underground organization to research, resurrect roots and teach people what is lost. The Network struggles with organizing and operating under the NMA (Neutral Morals Agency), which polices the governments’ new amoral rights.


Many people enjoy reading Christian fiction but many times, as entertaining as it may be, they learn nothing new nor is theological comprehension challenged. Richard hopes stewardship involving time spent reading something entertaining still gives the reader plenty to chew on or maybe leads someone to grasp Christian concepts. 

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What some have said about "Search"

 Steve Spence - "Absolutely loved your book! Excellent !" - Peggy rated it 5 stars


Gary Kirk, President CSN Books - August 9, 2010

Dear Richard;

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this futuristic mystery/thriller and looking forward to the next challenge Ryker would face. This, combined with your obvious passion for the condition of our current society, provides a valuable resource as well an entertaining document.

You have done a very effective job of describing and building on the characters in your manuscript with great detail. Your vivid word pictures introduce each of them and allow your reader to easily create an image in their mind.

The manuscript flows well as the story develops and causes the reader to look forward and then refer back to dreams, history and family. As I reviewed the manuscript, I found myself wondering what the connection would be with other characters. There is a great balance of detail while appealing to the imagination. I found myself easily relating to Buck’s frustration, Ryker’s wonder, and Ray’s despair.

Your book is also very timely as we find ourselves wondering what happened. What is the next freedom we may lose as those who are supposed to lead us and serve us appear to be more and more desirous of controlling us? Your story demonstrates the simplicity of the Gospel and the importance of faith as we try to impact our culture. This message is becoming more and more important as people are losing trust and confidence in those in authority. Even the Church doesn’t appear to be giving a clear or unified message.