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Welcome. I hope you find this site helpful and/or informative. Come back when you can as I will be developing it for a while.

I have a political blog (see below) and you can connect with me on Twitter @usptcl and on Facebook.


Search - A political Christian futuristic mystery thriller



America has lost it's soul. Will “We the People”?

What if the next generation is denied the benefits of a government founded on God centered political integrity? What if the liberal progressive left wins the battle for our US republic? What if there really was a Neutral Morals Agency that people had to live under? What if Christianity was outlawed but other religious  and secular philosophies excepted in order to rule with socialist values? What if one person discovers a treasure that teaches him what America has lost and finds himself and his family fighting a best friend who would rather have the power found in government rather than personal liberty?


My Blog - Us Politics thru corrective lenses

Richard Coller Blog - Like many of you, I believe we collectively see our government through a completely different set of glasses than those who are running it. If you agree, you may find my insight interesting if not useful. 


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